Set Your Guests Up for Success

Do you want to ensure your guests follow all the rules? Set them up for success! Provide the necessary things to make sure they do follow the rules.

Having information in the Welcome Book is helpful, however, most guests will not read the book cover to cover. Would you read an entire Welcome Book? Probably not.

To avoid these little annoyances, make sure things are out in plain sight. For example:

We traveled to Nashville, Tennessee and stayed in an Airbnb. On the bathroom mirror was a nasty-gram about not using the washcloths to take off makeup. Since Nashville is the national bachelorette capital of the U.S., you best believe it, there will probably be makeup on your towels. Rather than putting an unwelcoming note on the mirror, provide makeup remover wipes. Problem solved! Guests are pleased with the amenity and not put off by a nasty-gram.

We noticed our bath towels were becoming dirty. Like the brown dirt outside. It was evident guests were using the bath towels for the pool area and not the pool towels. Well, what we did to fix the problem was put out the pool towels by the sliding glass door with sunblock and aloe vera. Problem fixed! No more bath towels ruined.

After the first few guests checked out, we noticed they were throwing garbage in the recycling bin even though we outlined where the city garbage collection bin was located. We added a sign next the recycling bin that stated “Recycle Only”, updated our Welcome Book with photos of the bins in the “Waste” section, and added more detail to the Check Out procedures. Issue mitigated! Guests are now throwing the garbage in the right bin.

If you want your guests to do certain things, then be sure you provide them what they need where they can see it.

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