The City of Spires – Copenhagen, Denmark

Travel Recommendations: Copenhagen, Denmark

Length of Stay

I recommend four full days so you can take a day trip to Møns Klint, Ribe, or Malmö, Sweden.


Their public transportation is great, we used the metro for everything.


We opted for an AirBnB since it was so easy to get around.


We went during the springtime and the weather was perfect. We were told that it rains, a lot. So pack for weather in the 60s with chance of rain. Winters are cold.

Local Cuisine

Herring is a local favorite, the dish I tried was raw but tasty.  Akvavit is a distilled spirit, it reminds me of gin but better.

Tipping Protocol

Tipping is not expected but you can round up the bill! Which is great because it is very expensive.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is in the summertime when it’s nice and warm.


Denmark uses the Danish krone. Denmark is significantly more expensive that the U.S.

Things to See/Do

  • Christiania
  • Tivoli
  • Church of our Savior
  • Rosenborg Castle
  • Amalienborg Castle for the changing of the guard
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Nyhavn
  • Viking Museum

Lessons Learned

Calculate the exchange rate correctly or you’ll spend way more than what you think.

Our Visit

Enjoying the City by Foot

The first day we were in Copenhagen we walked around the city check off the tourist attractions like the Little Mermaid and the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace. The guards are not like the British guards where you can make funny faces and take pictures freely next to them. They do have loaded rifles and have the liberty to shoot should they feel threatened. They will give you a warning of two taps of their rifle on the ground if you piss them off. Listen and back away.

The Little Mermaid
Back of the Parliament Building

Trying to Find the Beer

We attempted to find the Carlsberg brewery but had no such luck of actually finding the place. I know we came close because we found the elephant statues and signs for the brewery were everywhere. There was also a lot of construction around the area. I believe that may have been part of us getting lost. Anyways, we found a local spot had some beers before heading back to the flat. Stopped at Nyhaven (pronounced as New Hound) bought some beers and enjoyed the beautiful weather next to the canal.

So Close to the Beer

Free Walking Tour (My Favorite)

During our last couple of days in Copenhagen, we decided to do a free walking tour. It free but be sure to trip your host. They only work for tips. I love these walking tours. You get some much more information that you would not normally get on your own.

Dates of Buildings

During our your we learned that the city has burned down like 12 times and you can identify the age of the building based off of it’s corner. If a square 90 degree edge, it was old and if rounded it was newer. They realized it easier to get a fire hose to around rounded corners than square.

Buildings of Copenhagen

High Taxes

Learned that the taxes on cars are 150% that’s higher than Vietnam! So everyone rides bikes to get anywhere. Kids learn the rules of the road on a bike at a very early age. Keep your head on a swivel for biking Vikings! The locals hate visitors who rent bikes since they don’t know the rules.

Biking Vikings

World War II History

During WWII, Denmark worked with Sweden to evacuate all the Jews in the middle of the night. After intercepting a message the Nazi’s going to conduct a raid, friends of Jews called and warned the Jewish citizens. They were taken by Danish boats where they were met by Swedish boats. When the Jews returned to their home after the war, everything was kept the same. The community looked after their home and businesses to ensure they had a warm welcome back.

Smells like 1978

We checked out Chistiana, which is a legit hippy compound and is not considered part of Denmark or the EU. You can apply to live there and you have to be part of the community providing services. People also sell marijuana out in the open. There were dozens of podiums with people selling all sorts of varieties. We walked around the place and there handmade houses, shops selling food, paintings, sculptures, and other things. There was a lively bar where we ordered some locally produced IPAs. We did not partake in the marijuana… maybe next time. Chistiana is also known for the creation of the bike wagons you will see all around Copenhagen. Many people will have their children in the back while they get around the city.

My Only Photo Inside the Hippy Compound

Running Out of Time

Before the sun went down, we decided to run (literally) to the top of the Church of Our Savior. It was closing soon so we had to hurry. It was a beautiful church where you can pretty much see all of Copenhagen from the spire. Go on a clear day as the view is stunning.

On Our Way Up
View of the City

Royal History

Rosenborg Castle was once a summer home built in 1600. The Danish monarchy is one of the oldest in the world and can be dated back to the first Vikings over 1000 years ago. The thrones for the King and Queen of Denmark, one is made out of narwhal tusks and the other silver. The lions in front are made of silver and symbolic to protect the throne. There are also barrels of wine from the 1500s! The wine is enjoyed today during special occasions like New Years. There was also a room full of fine porcelain dishes from Mizen, Germany. The land of my people! It was so cool to see.

Amusement Parks are for Everyone

Tivoli, not just for children! I highly recommend going to Tivoli and in the springtime. There are beautiful gardens all around and we areas you can feed ducks and other birds. There are peacocks walking around. There are rides if you’re adventurous but there are also restaurants and beer! What’s not to enjoy. On our way out there was a concert if some sort that I would have loved to stay and hang out. But we were leaving to go home the next day so had to go back to the flat.

Looking Off to the Park
Stop and Smell the Flowers

Recommended Day Trips

Møns Klint

While in Copenhagen we also decided to visit Møns Klint. We fit it into our route to Germany. It’s a few hours outside of the city but a beautiful park with white cliffs. You can flint stone on the sides of the cliff. It was really cool to see because we had just learned about the Stone Age and how flint really revolutionized the tools at the time.

The Cliffs are Made of Chalk with Lines of Flint


On our way back from Lubeck, Germany we squeezed in the city of Ribe. The oldest town in Denmark. It’s a cute town with shops, cafes, and a church. They also have a viking museum that was great to visit.

Cute Town of Ribe

Malmo, Sweden

It’s a short train ride to Malmo, Sweden and a lovely area to explore for a day. Check or my blog about the day trip.

Malmö Station

We Came, We Saw, We Selfied

Enjoying Some Beers in Nyhavn


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