Garden of Eden – Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona

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Length of Stay

Three nights. We only stayed two nights, I wish we had one more night.


You will need to get to the trailhead at Hill Top. Once there, either hike down or pay for a helicopter ride. It’s a 10 mile hike to the campsite. Be prepared!


You can camp or you can stay at the lodge in the Havasupai Village. The lodge is a couple miles from the falls.


We went in May and it was rather cold at night. I’m not sure what it’s normally like but I would come prepared with layers in case it gets cold.

Best Time to Visit

Our guides told us the best time to visit is in May or October.

Things to See/Do

  • All the falls
  • Hike

Lessons Learned

  • Pack extra layers, I was freezing at night.
  • Bring hikers that you can go in the water so you can hike to Beaver Falls.

Our Visit

Hiking to the campsite you don’t realize you going slightly downhill. Despite the hike being long, it wasn’t too bad. I can’t remember how long it too us but it was definitely more than three hours. You will want to get to the trailhead early as the sun will beat down on you in the canyon.

The beginning of the hike
Making our way through the canyon.
We got an early start so we had a lot of shade.

While there we hung out by the Havasupai Falls, which is one of the famous falls when you are heading down to the campsite.

Havasupai Falls at dawn.

We didn’t bring hikers to wade in the water so missed going to Beaver Falls. We did however, swim and “shower” at the 50 Foot Falls. Don’t worry, we used biodegradable soap and shampoo. The water was very refreshing.

50 foot falls. The water was very refreshing.

Later that afternoon, we hiked down to Mooney Falls. The hike down took forever. It is supposed to be quicker in the morning since everyone is going down and no one is really coming up. If you’re afraid of heights, it might be a little challenging at the last part you have to walk down a ladder.

Mooney Falls
Path back up to the campsite.

We Came, We Saw, We Selfied

Selfie in front of Mooney Falls.

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